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19. The crane must have a level indicator that is either built into the equipment or available where?
20. If a category II operational aid such as an anti boom angle indicator is not working properly a temporary alternative measure must be taken to continue working, and the repair must be completed no later than how many calendar days after the deficiency occurs?
21. According to OSHA Telescopic boom cranes manufactured after February 28, 1992 must be equipped with which of the following?
22. The category 1 operators aid that automatically prevents damage from contact between the load block, overhaul ball, or similar component and the boom tip is refered to by OSHA as?
23. According to OSHA which of the following methods must the operator use to test the hoist brakes when a load is at 90% or more of the crane's maximum line pull?
24. The operator must obey a stop (or emergency stop) signal:

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