Don’t Study Before Class

Becoming mobile crane certified is an exciting process. Before you come to class, it can seem like there is so much to learn and many students look to get a head start by reading about the laws, regulations and standards they think might appear on their exams. While we commend that level of effort, ultimately we recommend against it.

The reason being, NCCCO utilizes many different sources when they build their tests; ASME B 30.5, ANSI, Federal OSHA 1926.1400 and many others contribute to the subject matter you will be tested on. If a student were to read all of these documents, they would gain a great deal of knowledge, but there’s no guarantee all of that information will be useful for the exams. Not only that, but there are times when these resources contradict each other, only adding to the confusion.


What will be on the test? That simple question is what can make taking these tests seem challenging! The good news is, NCCCO certification preparation is what we do. After teaching more than 2000 classes around the country you can be confident you are in good hands with California / American Crane School. We don’t just help you pass the tests, we teach you how to operate cranes safely. The best part? We get everything done inside of three days.


Why only three days? The fact of the matter is, many of our students take time off work to come to class and it’s not always convenient for their employers to let them. Aside from that, we have tried delivering the class in different formats over the years and studied other NCCCO crane classes. Whether these programs are 5 days, 2 weeks or a month, it may surprise you to learn that sometimes less is more.


Our 3 day program cuts through everything and prepares you with what you will be asked on the tests. And we do this in a way that provides you with the necessary education on the fundamental underlying principles required to understand each crane topic thoroughly and answer any questions that might come your way without any extra unnecessary information.


It may surprise you to know, the less you know about cranes the easier it is to pass the NCCCO written tests after taking our class. This is a bold statement, but true! After working with nearly 20,000 candidates, we’ve discovered that inexperienced crane operators do better on the NCCCO written tests than experienced crane operators.


You see, experienced crane operators have topically learned a lot about cranes, but unfortunately, most of their on the job training isn’t going to appear on the NCCCO test. This makes it so that veteran operators sometimes need to unlearn a lot of what they’ve learned over the years that makes them qualified... and instead focus on the subject matter required to get them certified.


That’s where we step in. Here at ACS / CCS we specialize in helping you get certified. This class was designed to get anyone; from someone that has never been on a crane before; to a seasoned crane operator, through their NCCCO tests for the first time. We are so confident that you will pass the NCCCO written tests we even guarantee it. If for some reason you don’t pass your written exams, the next class is free!


If you are looking to get certified to operate mobile cranes, give us a call. We look forward to seeing you in the class. And if your company has cranes, by all means, practice before coming to class. It will definitely help when it comes time to take your practical “hands on” exams, but in terms of choosing study material, and reading what you think might be on the tests before coming to class? Leave that to the instructors. They are some of the best teachers in the country and we have the pass rates to prove it.


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