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1. Wood or other material that is used to support a crane and distribute loads to the ground is refered to as.

  • A.outrigger beams

  • B.float pads

  • C.blocking

  • D.outrigger pads

2. A boom angle indicator is used to measure booms angle relative to ____.

  • A.vertical

  • B.horizontal

  • C.jib

  • D.ground

3. At which point of a load is an object's weight evenly distributed?

  • A.center of gravity

  • B.balance point

  • C.fulcrum

  • D.center

4. OSHA refers to someone who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions as a ____.

  • A.qualified person

  • B.competent person

  • C.designated person

  • D.qualified signalperson

5. By OSHA standards, the individual who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions?

  • A.qualified signalperson

  • B.designated person

  • C.competent person

  • D.qualified person

6. To help provide stability for lifting heavy loads, which of the following is used to supplement the weight of the crane?

  • A.load moment indicator

  • B.auxiliary boom head

  • C.counterweight

  • D.gantry

7. Someone who is recognized by degree, certificate or by professional standing due to extensive training or knowledge is considered by OSHA to be ____.

  • A.dedicated

  • B.designated

  • C.competent

  • D.qualified

8. The revolving frame of equipment on which the operating machinery (and many cases the engine) are mounted along with the operator’s cab are known as:

  • A.lowerworks/understructure

  • B.centerpin

  • C.frame

  • D.upperworks/superstructure

9. If assembly and disassembly of a crane is NOT being directed by a person who meets the criteria of a competent person AND a qualified person, it can be directed by a competent person assisted by which of the following?

  • A.a rigger

  • B.a signalperson

  • C.a qualified person

  • D.a dedicated spotter

10. Unless the manufacturer's procedures permit otherwise, while making a lift all outriggers or stabilizers must be ____.

  • A.fully retracted

  • B.made of steel

  • C.fully extended

  • D.supported by cribbing

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